Welcome to my collection of things I've been busy with.
I started this website in 1997 with just 3 pages. By now I lost track of how many pages there are!
A thing to mention is that I made this site after the accident in 1996, while being almost completely paralyzed.
Anyhow; I hope you'll find something interesting here.
Giesbert Nijhuis

Identified Flying Objects, Disc shaped aerospace VTOL crafts (no UFOs). It's mainly about propulsion, as new propulsion technologies are key to more successful air and spaceflight.

My YouTube channel.

Spinal Cord Injury - Repair! How to survive while being almost completely paralyzed? When will we finally give enough priority to research on how to repair this terrible thing?! What is broken can be fixed!

Photographs made in my first life, and in my second life. Since 2006 I'm able to make photographs without using my hands.

Better Alternatives
We can do better than this!
There are better alternatives.
Here's my design for a better future

Drawings made in my first life, and in my second life. Since 1996 I draw with head movements, using KeyStrokes and a HeadMouse.

Thoughts of mine, about reality and how to progress in a positive way. And other subjects.

View the head-designed t-shirts,
or go to the shops:
AssistiveWear (screenprint quality), or Zazzle (print on demand, much more designs here)

Het Persoonlijk ZorgNetwerk, is een project dat ik gestart heb ter verbetering van de kwaliteit van de zorg-thuis. Dankzij de hulp van velen is het idee grotendeels gerealiseerd en beschikbaar voor iedereen in Nederland.

Het negatievenboek van opa Henk
Toen mijn opa Henk overleed, kwam ik in het bezit van een boek vol met oude negatieven.

Inventions, well, it seems most often someone else had the same idea already, but maybe one day I might be the first!


Image Compression is about near-lossless compression of digital images and movies (compression without visible loss of image quality).

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