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If everything is perfect, then there is not much to do other than to maintaining the current situation. Maybe we'll get to that stage, in a distant future.

It can at times be all right, or even perfect, for one moment, at one place.
But globaly, today and in the days coming, things can be like hell on Earth, sometimes.

Not everything terrible can be prevented, but some things can.
We can prepare ourselves better for what may come, and we can handle the current situation better than we did up till now.

The challenge is to improve everything possible. Not just the things that are problematic today or tomorrow, also the things that are OK today, that could become something beautiful tomorrow.

Here is a quick list of challenges:

- War. We should stop fighting each other.
- Pollution. We should clean up our mess, and be responsible from now on.
- Poverty. It's nice to be rich, but real poverty should not be there, especially not next to filthy rich.
- Overpopulation. There should not be to many people, been made by us.
- Communication. We need to speak the same language. A new one.
- Share Knowledge. Yes, we should share our knowledge.
- Quit the bullshit. I guess 80% of our time and energy is wasted on B.S.
- Help nature a bit. So it can flourish again.
- Great government. I have not yet seen a political party than inspirers me, after the election. A good government could be fun, it could be motiveting, to be proud about.
- New financial system. A bank should offer only a simple service, in exchange for a very modest fee.
- More R&D. Instead of always whining about what is wrong, invest more in the near future, by Research and Development.
- Organic farming. Good for everybody and everything.
- Self-reliant communities. Create localy, if possible: energy, food, stuff.
- More fundamental research. What are we made of? What more is possible?
- Build a defense against asteroids. Natural threats from out of space.
- Build a defense against hostile aliens. You never know..
- Look far into space. There is so incredible more than our tiny planet.
- Search for the theory of everything. So exciting! -Really.
- Recycle atoms. Learn how to seperate everything down to the atom.
- Build at nanoscale. 3D print with the atoms collected from recycling.
- Learn about DNA. But don't mess it up!
- Develop space propulsion. We need a faster than light drive.
- Alternative Energy. Solar, wind, water waves, tidal energy, fusion, sweet-salt water, ... so many alternatives! But oil is also used as ingredient for many products that need alternatives also.
- Re invent school. There are better ways to learn.
- Improve childhood. Many children don't get a good start.
- Stronger computers. Optical chips, quantum computers, parallel processing.
- Artificial intelligence. First the steam engine, now this.
- Virtual reality. Where we can do realistic experiments in. Extremely efficient.
- Prepare for the technological singularity. The what?
- ...

- Products. Choice, quality, producing, warranty, price, availability, sharing.
- How many people do we want on this planet? Not too many, not too few.
- Rich and poor, where do we set our limits of inequality?
- How much room and support shall we give to wild nature?
- Higher goals. The theory of everything. What else is there in this universe?
- We should get a defense against large rocks from space.
- What to do with education?
- How can we improve the care of babies and little children?
- How can we grow old in a pleasant way.
- Do we really need to work that much?
- Hello A.I.
- The quality of our food.
- The quality of life for the animals and even the vegetables we eat.
- Recycling. How far can we go? Using hot plasma separation for example.
- Energy. Sun shines, wind blows, waves wave. And fusion. Now already.
And what not.

Giesbert Nijhuis

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