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A long long time ago, primitive people spend most of their time on basic things like: finding food, building shelter, raising kids, and such. Although in good times there must have been lost of room to play around. I'm not sure, I wasn't there.
Today, for many people (not all..), the amount of time spend on building shelter for example, is greatly reduced. But we'll always seem to find new things to lose our energy in, like shopping around for an improved videocard or these beautiful shoes I saw lately.

But what could we together achieve, if the energy we have is focused on something special? At this moment, we spend our energy kind of "random", in all directions, which in a way is fine except for the fact that it won't get us very far or anywhere interesting.
The circle of life isn't exactly round at this moment, we are going towards some situation, but we just don't know what situation, and no one is behind the steering wheel.

I would like to expect the government to steer us all to an exciting and healthy future, but I know better to expect very little positive results and loads of terrible decisions. I guess the way our society runs isn't capable of doing the right thing. Nobodies falt, but sadly true anyhow. Most in power and control on this earth are the large companies, who steer towards personal profit based on poverty of many. Again is it not my point to accuse the few filthy rich guys. If someone poor now would grow up being the one in power, nothing much would change, that's just how people are. The question is if life can be pleasant without extreem differences in power and resources, I think that is possible --if we have a reasonable birth control policy (otherwise we'll die by success).

Natural disasters can change the course of human kind, but like "back in time" or annihilating us, that is. Are we prepared to face any natural disaster? We could, but we don't, not really.

Then what?!
Well, we could design our future, see how that goes. Building a new society from the ground up. New language, new infrastructure, new school system, new laws, new resource and waste management, new everything! That would be fun. Starting somewhere where nobody minds, a large part of some dessert, extra proof that something great can be build from virtual nothing but great ideas.
I should work more on "my great plan", and I should take a look at my other texts, for I feel like I'm repeating myself.

Giesbert Nijhuis