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Let us try prevent bad things from happening and recover well from the ones that could not be prevented!

- Over population
- Under population
- Suppression of personal freedom
- War (Conventional, Technical, Nuclear, Chemical, Biological)
- Crime
- Real poverty
- Pollution
- Mental & physical broken/sick
- Addiction on drugs, power, or virtual reality.
- Burocratics

- Harmful bacteria, virusses, insects, animals, and plants.
- Loss of bio diversity

- Loss of electronics (can be caused by an extreme solar storm?)
- Loss of the internet
- Loss of control over technology

Earth & Weather
- Earthquakes, Tsunamies, Volcanic eruptions.
- Too hot/cold
- Too dry/wet
- Storms like Hurricanes, tornados, duststorms.

- Solar storms
- Comets, asteroids.
- Black holes
- Gravity shockwaves
- ... Some hostile alien life forms!?

And not doing good things

Giesbert Nijhuis