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The world used to be flat, today it's round, tomorrow it's...
Atoms used to be the smallest particles...
Reality is like it is, no matter what we think of it.
What we usually call "reality" actually means: "the most common thoughts of reality", but we simply call it "reality" -which is same word, thus very confusing.
"Dogma" is a word which has the same meaning as "the most common thoughts of reality".

What will be the next dogmas to be replaced -is what I was wondering.
Is the earth not rotating around the sun, but is space curved round by the sun's gravity and is the earth going straight actually? I don't know, could be.
The only place in space where there is life, is on Earth. Sure (not!)
Do I have a choice? Will I not choose the same over and over and over again, if "time" could be rewinded?
The idea of there being time, like a movie with many futures and one history must go, as far as I am concerned. I have never seen a time other than now.
Machines will always be dumb, until the day the have become more intelligent than the most intelligent human.
Speed, size, life, individual,... Everything can be doubted.

Why do space going rockets launch vertically? Have they not yet discovered the Earth is round?! Taking-off horizontal is a far more more efficient way to get into space (using a lifting body -disc shaped as far as I'm concerned- and little wings). I wonder about how the next craft will be like (now the space shuttle has become old), using a newer dogma?

We'll see.

Giesbert Nijhuis