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Energy beings

The hidden truth
A search for differences will probably never end, as there are so many unique combinations to find. But a search for similarities simplifies the universe towards its most elementary building blocks. I think it's possible that people will one day discover the very basics of our universe. The truth that is now hidden, will be relatively simple, maybe even simple enough for one person to understand.

We have learned to label everything, to separate shapes that have a different pattern, and give them a unique name, while we're actually all made up of the same stuff; energy. There could be more primary basic elements that I'm not aware of, but energy is what I guess to be the main ingredient of everything there is in this universe. But there must be one more, otherwise it seems impossible to make the combinations that we have. Space perhaps?
Energy is the force that makes things change. Even atoms, that seem to be solid balls, are really energy, as the atom bomb clearly shows.
Energy (and maybe space as well) has a certain character, that dictates how everything goes, what is possible and what is not.

Energy body
So, my body isn't just a collection of organs; it's an energy system. For my mind, my body is way to complex to understand. Even one cell of my body is too complex to completely understand. I'm not talking about just the concept of a cell, its main functions and all. The exact behavior of one cell in its surroundings, including every change inside its atoms, is just too much information. The size of my body relative to one atom, is enormous, like the size of the whole universe relative to the Earth. "Me is Big".
So here I have a mind that finds the complexities of one drop of water already too complex to understand, and with that I can influence the universe of my whole body, and its nearby surroundings. Not complete control, but some influence.
Most processes inside the body happen automatically. My mind doesn't know how to built a new blood cell or how to attack a virus, but my body does. However, I have (and used to have more..) quite some influence upon my whole body, my energy system. What are the upper limits to my influence? What are the possibilities within an energy body? Could it be much more than we currently think our organ body can do? Even all the best doctors combined don't really know exactly how the body works. The body doesn't fix a spinal cord injury automatically like it fixes a wound in my skin. Personally I wonder if my body, with help, is able to repair its spinal cord injury. In theory I think the body is capable and willing to repair itself completely IF it is given the right guidance.

Hierarchy of shapes
There is a hierarchy of shapes. Atoms make molecules, molecules make cells, cells make animals. Without cells, there can be no animals, but molecules can be without cells. So; animals rank "higher" than cells, cells higher than molecules, molecules higher than atoms. Take away one layer, and all the higher shapes will be gone too.
The human body is a very large and complex shape, relative to the secondary basic elements. It is very high in the hierarchy of shapes. High sound good, but high makes us very fragile too, because we depend on the survival of many less complex levels in and around us.
Interesting is to wonder about what even higher levels could be like. The working together of people on a global scale, is one level up. The thing this collective seems to create, is technology, again one level up. What will come after technology?

But we don't always have to wait a certain amount of time for the future levels to come here. Under the right conditions, that we might be able to create now, "future" next level shapes can become part of today's reality already. Why wait for others to create the future? Or if you are religious; why wait for God, while god created you and all your creative abilities? Just do it! (something good though).
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In the beginning
If it is true that the universe is expanding in such fashion that there had to be a very hot beginning, then there is a cool story to tell about the journey from "the beginning of time" until the now of today. And another important thing to discover is how it was like before the beginning our time. Yes there can be more. Perhaps this universe is for example always oscillating between compression and expansion. Let's call that book "History in reverse - About the time before the beginning of time".
I can image that in the beginning of the latest expansion (after a period of compression), there where only very energetic primary basic elements (call it light if you want). Then, not after one day, came the next period, where the first combinations of primary basic elements could form; the secondary basic elements. Things need to cool down, get more rest, expand, before anything is able to form the next level shapes. Then, again not after one day, came the next period, where the secondary basic elements could form again more complex combinations, the next level in the hierarchy of shapes. This order of creation has continued up to today, and here we are. What will become possible next? What will be the next levels? When will the highest possible level be able to emerge? Not all combinations are possible. What is possible and happening, is depending on the character of the primary basic elements (call that God if you want).

Giesbert Nijhuis