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IF space is something..
Well, the Gravity Probe B satellite, launched in April 2004 to test Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. It has shown that gravity indeed warps "the fabric of space and time".
Space must be something, how else can it be warped?
So, we have to let go of the idea that space is a fixed nothing.
And "time", actually a synonym for the maximum speed of motion if you ask me, is also depending on the condition of space.

Some say our universe is expanding.
Space, being flexible, can expand or contract. Being in balance is possible but I imagine it being a very rare situation. An expanding universe could very well be the case. Some think that our vacuum space is actually a high pressure area of some kind of energy. That would explain the expansion of our universe.

But what about the atoms? If space and "time" can change, then surely will atoms change too. The Earth could be much bigger than thousands of years ago, without us realizing it. The properties of atoms and molecules could have changed, being less dense, less strong now. Maybe could the huge prehistoric birds fly because they were build from stronger atoms and flew in heavy air.

Space isn't air, as vacuum space doesn't contain atoms. But what is it exactly?

Giesbert Nijhuis