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I live in a "free country", do you too? Freedom is a precious thing.
Right... let us review that. First: how to define freedom:
"Being able to do what ever you like"
Isn't that nice! But don't forget the small prints:
- It has to be possible within this universe
- It has to be possible within your possibilities.
And the list continues:
- Better not do stuff that will hurt you more than it is pleasant.
- You are not allowed to do stuff that will or might hurt others, or their property.
- You are not welcome to do stuff that is far out of the ordinary, suspicious or weird, no stuff that might upset others to much.
- You better avoid stuff that the insurance company policy does not cover, where it to go wrong.
- You are not allowed to do what is prohibited by law, even if it does not make sense.

There are tons of restrictions, so; how much freedom is left over, and of what quality? I understand that living together requires a lot of rules to prevent chaos, death and destruction. It's just that "I do not feel free", it's all so polite, responsible, grown up, correct, I miss being a hut building kid.
I imagine that some criminals and ones who have a wandering life, choose so to feel more freely. Other more legal ways to feel free are things like: sports, music & dance, arts, some professions, travel, or just fun-stuff at and around home.

Rules are necessary, designed to do good (for who, is sometimes the question), but bad rules do more harm than good. A fixed set of rules is unrealistic, because the world is very diverse and dynamic.

New is how information technology is used to scan and index our personal life. Information Technology is evolving very rapidity, and like all things can it do good and bad. IT gave the freedom to communicate with people all over the world with the speed of light, build great new ways to cooperate in a social and efficient fashion, but your communication will be scanned by software, searching for whatever Mr X is looking for. People design software to spy on people, for numerous reasons like: "direct marketing", safety, politricks, criminal preparation, ethic borders... Creepy stuff, especially when communication technology will be implanted in your body (not yet, but some day soon).

And, how about the freedom inside you? Is your body relaxed and fit? Is your mind free to think of whatever? How often are you the one that is blocking your freedom?

I sure am not Mr perfect, I'm only human too, but I did lose some "weight".
Many more walls to bring down!

Giesbert Nijhuis