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(I think) I know where God is, and how to change reality.

Molecules are made of atoms, and cells are made from molecules.
One can follow two directions here: towards more complex combinations, and towards less complex parts. A plant is an example of more complex, and an electron is an example of a less complex part.
When following the path towards the less complex parts to the extreme, you'll end up with just a few primary basic elements. I don't know exactly how many there are, and what they are, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are only two. I think there must be at least two, otherwise no combinations can be made.

It's not the smallest size that makes something a primary basic element, but its indestructible simplicity. For comparison; complex sounds are build up from less complex sounds, but when searching for the most elementary part of sound, it doesn't make much sense to search for the smallest sound. The most elementary about sound, is the medium and its motions. There's also a psychological side to it; we hear in our heads, not with our ears, ears just translate motions of air into nerve activity. But that's an other story.

Now for the God part. These few primary basic elements are in a certain way. And the way they are, their "character", determines what is possible and what is not, what combinations can be made, and what not. So, these primary basic elements:
- are everything.
- are everywhere.
- define what is possible and what is not.
- determines cause and reaction, what has happened and what will happen.
Isn't that the description of God? I would say so.

Part of religion is to believe, which is an other way of saying "I don't know". There are many things I don't know, I hardly know anything really. An other part of religion is to trust in the good intentions of God. I translate that to; trust in the character of the primary basic elements. I don't know, but there seems to be no choice. An other part of religion, is strange traditions, power games, and the killing of others, in the name of God. I think that has nothing to do with God and everything with stupid human behavior. Though possible within this reality. The primary basic elements give us the ability to choose the right thing, so please do so.

We can search for the primary basic elements, and find out about its exact character. That's like discovering the true face of God. Elementary research is going on. At this moment (2010) especially in the "Large Hadron Collider", the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. Very important and exciting. Some people complain about the cost of this project. I think they don't see the importance of it, and can't see it well in proportions to other cost. We could have brought 4 B2 bombers for that money. Just 9 billion US dollars for something this important, is cheap I think.

If we discover everything there is to know about these primary basic elements, we'll probably have "the theory of everything" at the same time. That would be mind blowing, the biggest milestone in the history of knowledge. But… there is a but. The real word is complex. We can compute the interactions of a small number of parts, but the world we live in is made out of so many parts, impossible to compute. So, it would be great and very useful to have "the theory of everything", but the world is too complex to predict.

One more thing. If we discover how to alter the primary basic elements, we can then create the impossible, and at the same time; make the possible impossible. If we can alter the reality locally, we can do magic. One of the first things might be to alter the kind and amount of gravity in a box. The amount of gravity has influence on the speed of time (more normal-gravity = slower time). More anti-gravity could be handy if it can accelerate the growth of crystals or biological stuff. Anti-gravity (the opposite kind of gravity) could for example make mass fall up instead of down. Exciting and dangerous. To explore the universe, we need to discover things like this, otherwise we'll just stay on our beautiful Earth until it can't support life anymore. I would like to discover what all is there.

Giesbert Nijhuis


Giesbert Nijhuis