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Naturally I'm in favorite of all things good; love, peace, happiness and such.
But why can't everything always be pleasant? Stupid Yin-Yang! War, abuse, pollution, terror, poverty, destruction... Do there really have to be so much unpleasant/horrible situations?! This dark side makes me angry, afraid, cry.

Is life good or bad?
I see so many bad things happening, it maken me wonder if life itself is a bad thing. Is life beautiful and worth protecting, or just a terrible freak of nature?
If life is a good thing, I guess we should protect it, strive to multiply and perfection, fill the whole universe with this great biological fight for life.
But if life is a terrible mistake, we should terminate it all together and soon.
Did the dinosaurs collectively decide to end their lives? I guess not, but who knows!?
Of course life has good AND bad sides, thus a yes or no answer is not fit to answer this question, in fact the question "is life good or bad" is a dumb question.

What is good and what bad?
I imagine dust not to care about good or bad, dust just is. A good and bad judgment seems to be a typically biological thing. Life needs pleasant and unpleasant feelings to work, wanting pleasant and trying to avoid the unpleasant. Basically: good = life, and bad = death.

The biological design is such that there can be no pleasant without unpleasant, this I understand and can accept. But do we really need war next to peace? Do we need children born with AIDS because a Pope tells it's a sin to protect? Is it absolutely necessary to kill other healthy living creatures so you can eat?
Some situations are just plain dumb.
Humans are just animals with the bigger brains. We live only two steps from stone-age, ready to fall down at any time, 3 steps from exstinction.

I don't think good and bad are in balance. It's a pleasant thought that "all is in balance and everything is happening for a good reason", but I don't think that can be true. Just like saying "ugly people have a great personality and beautiful people are less pleasant", some ugly people have a terrible character and some beautiful looking people are beautiful from the inside too.
Life is a rare thing thus most in this universe is careless. It is easier to destroy than to create life.

This subject needs more thoughts...

Giesbert Nijhuis