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Excuse me for my strong language, but where the hell do you think we are going? You probably don't think about it much, most people don't, which is part of the problem.
If we humans continue the path we are on now, where will that bring us? Will that be somewhere we wanted to get? Where do we want to go? Some of us do think about that, I don't stand alone, but to me it doesn't show that the powerful people who are in control have chosen any interesting goal for the future of the human kind, and the other living organisms on this Earth.

"Continuing the present way of life" seems like a noble goal, but the world is in motion and not all motions are circular. Things slowly but surely change into shapes we can't imagine yet. I am worried about that not setting goals, not choosing our future, will cause a lot of suffering, because of all the possibilities out their, most are like hell on earth.
There is more noise then signal, it's easier to break than to make, there is more death than life. To build our future would be a good thing.

Repetitions repetitions, repetitions..
I often get depressed by looking at the clichés of my, and most people's lives.
All these typical human behaviors.. we spend so much energy in all these typical things. It does keep us alive and busy, and it can be quite a impressive journey for one person, but it doesn't bring us all anywhere new!

The circle of life as we know it
Be born, grow up, "reproduce", care for the children, get care, and die.
Breathe air, drink, eat, sleep, clean your body, pie, shit, fart, sweat, cut hair, cut nails.
The house, the family, the clothes, the car, buying, selling, hobbies, passions.
Search for: health, friends, love, sex, wealth, power, wisdom, action, rest.
Are: at home, at work, at vacation, at friends or family, traveling from and to, or just hanging around.
We: care, get care, learn, forget, enjoy, suffer, love, hate, win, lose.
And making war of course, try to win a war, war between: people, groups of people, companies, villages, states, countries, global war...
We experience disasters, don't learn from it, and then undergo similar disasters -that could have been prevented.

All these things we take for granted "that's how life is", as if we have no choice.
If generation after generation, people live almost the exact same life's, is that a problem? I personal have a problem with that, but that's my opinion, and I respect people who enjoy a basic form of life.

Types of life
There are different stages in the evolution of life, no matter how you think or believe life came to be. Single cell life forms at one end of the spectrum, and an unknown other end. I don't believe any life form on this earth is at the other extreme of the spectrum. Not necessarily saying a more developed form of life is better, I do hope so but I don't know for sure. I do believe that we can now choose to develop towards a next level in life. We can access the loop of basic living, move further away from the single cells and travel closer to the yet unknown. Size, more cells, is not the goal (the dinosaurs tried that). Quality is the goal.

What is life really? If you don't known what the essence of life is, you can't steer towards a higher level. Is it a good goal trying to reach the most pure form of life? Size isn't the goal, nor is it blond hair & blue eyes, and choosing your own kind as the ultimate life form doesn't show any understanding of the concept of quality.

Doing the right thing
Many things in life are an illusion really. Our "personal realities" aren't equal to reality, and even the shared parts of our personal realities -that many of us call the truth- aren't equal to reality, because thoughts are just thoughts (real thoughts thought).
So how do we know if life isn't yet another illusion? I guess that's impossible to know and for that reason it doesn't really matter. I think one should just blindly go to what seems and feels good. Our brains are -still- very limited, so don't expect too much of it.

Collective Power
Working together is the most important key to progress, but humans don't seem to be fit for that job (I hope to be wrong here). Is it a matter of education or do our genes not allow collective power? When will we finally speak one language? I don't known of any political system that really works for all people, we should think of something new.

We have a choice
I still believe there is a way to get us to a higher level, but I don't know how. Whatever way; it will mean change, and change will cause resistance. Therefore "slowly" and with "free will" is the road we should choose to travel. There's much to do.

Giesbert Nijhuis