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Trying to make the world a better place, isn't going to be a smooth ride. There's always drag, resistance to change, even when it's for the better.

To make a change, is to change shapes. Changing shapes costs energy, but that's not a problem if there's energy and if the change will safe energy on the long run.

What is a problem, is if there's a will to not change.
Reasons to resist against positive change:
- Fear of change.
- Having an other opinion about what would be a better would.
- Not personally benefiting from the proposed change.
- Enjoying rebellious behavior.
- Not understanding the proposed, thus having no interest.
- Just plain laziness.
- Not believing in a positive change, because of many disappointing experiences.
- Losing personal power, if things change for the better of the majority.

There's always a very small group of shitheads who spoil "everything". People who are unfair to many others just to make an easy profit for themselves and maybe their friends and family. Sometimes people steal because they are desperate, while others do it because they love the excitement and power. And some are crazy.

There are many ways to be unfair. Illegal and just-legal. On purpose and without realizing it. As with most "jobs"; most aren't good at it, but some are very successful.

Some are willing to change there negative life style if a good opportunity comes within reach, but others will resist until the bitter end.

So; no solution here. Just the knowledge that probably all societies are polluted with people who, because of many reasons, will with force resist against a change for the better.

Giesbert Nijhuis