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German flying discs in WW2?

This is a strange chapter in VTOL disc history. Many sources state that there were extraordinary flying discs developed by the Germans in world war 2. But is this true? I just don't know, and I hate war.

Reason to believe it's true:
- There are some photos, dating from before digital image manipulation age.
- The Germans were good with developing technology.
- They wanted superior technology for their war machine, at any cost.
- They had need for a VTOL craft, as the airfields got bombed.
- There was a shortage of fuel.
- The armies that defeated the Germans, took away all useful technologies.
- They had a number of interesting scientist working for them. Some of free will, others were forced to do so, like Henri Coanda and Viktor Schauberger.

Disc Scientists, Engineers, & Independents:

Who Project How
Viktor Schauberger Repulsin A&B Model doscoid motors Forced by SS
Henri Coanda Lenticular Flugscheibe Forced by SS
Rudolf Schriever Flugkreisel Projekt Heinkel Employee
Richard Miethe Flugkreisel Projekt/Elektrische Luft Worked for; SS, Canada
Tubine und Raumschiffe (V-7) USA
Klaus Otto Habermohl Flugkreisel Projekt Worked for SS
Guiseppe Belluzzo Flugkreisel Projekt/Turbo-Proietti Axis Cooperation
Hermann Noordung Wohnrad Space Station Independent
Franz Philipp Sonnenstrahltriebwerk Flugscheibe Independent
Heinrich Focke Fw Schnellflugzeug Rochen Independent
Josef Andreas Epp Omega Diskus/Pirna Flugscheibe Independent/USSR
Arthur Sack Sack A.S.6V-1 Independent
Gerhard Faulker Flugkreisel Projekt/Feuersturm Worked for SS
Henrich Fleissner Dusenscheibe Luftwaffe at Peenmunde
Alexander Lippisch Aerodyne research Independent/USA
Hermann Klaus WNF Feuerball Worked for SS
Richard Kraemer AEG Kugelwaffen Worked for SS
Winfried Shumann JFM/RFZ Series Thule-Vril-SS E-IV

Reason to doubt it:
- The photos are all low quality.
- If they had developed superior crafts, then why did they not use them big time, or at least show them with great pride?
- If the Americans (and others) took away that 1922-1945 technology, why don't they use it?
- A secret organization would still be here, with thousands of people involved, costing billions of dollars, a secret industry, and.. a secret base on the other side of the moon.
- The extraordinary knowledge for the most interesting crafts is based upon; channeled information received by two mediums (Maria Orsic and Sigrun) from the Aldebaran system in the Taurus Constellation, 68 light years away.

But hey: strange and nasty things happen during war time, and there is so much we don't know. I'm sure there's some truth in all of this. I can imagine a VTOL craft with a Tesla turbine engine being developed at that time, but further more: I just don't know.

A visitor of my site wrote me this:
"In London in 1970 or thereabouts I met an elderly woman at a meeting of the Aetherius society to which I had a chance invitation. She claimed to be the daughter of one of the scientists who originated the German flying disk program. I talked to her for about half an hour and she showed me a book in German, with pictures that illustrated a flying disk model on the ground and in flight. We talked about the mechanics of the disk and she told me that the propulsion system was based on a Tesla turbine. This turbine she explained had a central core, to which fuel was supplied. Around the central core was a stack of thin disks and the whole was surrounded by a combustion chamber that vented underneath the craft in the same way that a rocket engine vents (with venturi etc). She further explained that the central core (including the stacked disks) was spun at a very fast rate and fuel was introduced. The fuel spun outwards and exited the edge of the disks in a very fine mist. This mist was then ignited and the pressure of the explosion forced the fuel in the disk stack back towards the central core. The disk stack then accelerated. (Here I said to here that this was just like a ballet dancer pulling her leg in to spin faster, to which she replied that this was her father's exact simile). More fuel was injected and the process repeated. Thus the craft was powered by a bladeless Tesla turbine. It seems to me too that it is possible that the disk was given additional lift by a second air fan in the top of the disk that blew a constant stream of air over the top of the saucer. This alone is enough to give the disk lift and with the addition of the rocket engine its vertical acceleration would be extremely rapid. A spinning disk is perfect for re-entry into a planetary atmosphere since the heat induced friction can be dissipated over the rim of the disk, a new cool surface being presented each moment. The gyroscopic forces also present a facility for attitude control."

If you want to know much more about it, I suggest you visit the site "Disc Aircraft of the Third Reich (1922-1945 and Beyond)" by German discs specialist Robert Dale Arndt Jr.

The Haunebu Series, Using the "Thule - Triebwerk"
(1939 - 1945)

Haunebu 1

Haunebu 2

(Flugelrad series 1943 - 1945)

RFZ (RundFlugZeug discs) of the Thule/Vril type

Vril series

WNF Feuerball a.k.a. Zeppelin Werk Kugelblitz

Who has better quality photos!? Please send them to me.

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