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A spinal cord injury can in theory be repaired 100%, I think so because a fully functional spinal cord is the most common condition, present in every healthy human. It is a possible combination within this universe. What is broken, can be repaired, in theory.

But it's not just a matter of money. It's not like when you'd give a doctor a million dollars, that he can do it then. Looking at all the financial aspects of a spinal cord injury shows that it is most expensive to NOT repair a spinal cord injury. If it could be repaired, we would surely do so, to SAFE money.

What needs to be done is much more research, like a 1000 times more than today. Stem cell research of course, but not just that. All fields are connected more or less, on a global scale. The global level of knowledge has to rise, a lot.

Luckily, technological developments are progressing in an accelerating pace, and if that can continue, a repair could be closer than you may expect. Especially when artificial intelligence reaches a level of superior-to-human-intelligence, and many can apply that on any research, the amount of discoveries in all fields will "explode", making incredible things possible. That would be a "technological singularity".

Sadly do most people lack vision on how to improve the quality of life on our little Earth. People do terrible things, I feel sick when thinking about it. We really can do beautiful things, if we choose a desirable goal, and work together well. Wake up!

The most powerful "machine" we have today, specialized in healing the human body, is the human body itself. That's the most powerful tool we have for today and the near future. Our body is continuously healing itself. I hate getting older and the dying in the end, but I have a lot of respect for the body, even when it's losing a fight. My body wants to repair my spinal cord injury, but it clearly needs help. We should find ways to better support the body's own healing power.

When we reach the point of spinal cord injury repair, the world will probably be a very different place, because when if a SCI can be fixed, anything can be fixed. No need to die, for ever young. Time to design an improved human. Human 2.0.

How to improve living with a SCI, while waiting for a repair.

Until the day that a spinal cord injury can be repaired, millions of people have to live with it.

Often people think that it is just not being able to walk. There is so much more.

Typical things to deal with:
- Prevent decubitus (pressure wounds).
- Beware of infections (lungs, bladder, kidneys, skin).
- Always in pain.
- Taking a lot of medicine.
- Not being able to rest well at night.
- Bussy arrange quality care.
- Busy arrange quality care-tools.
- The chair, the bed, the house, the transportation.
- Get good head controlled computer access.
- The clothing, fit to sit with.
- How to piss and shit.
- Always having a low condition, trying to be strong enough.
- Dealing with about 1/8 lung power.
- Not able to use your hands, and being compared to people who can.
- Sexuality?
- Muscles and bones. Use it or lose it.
- How to survive mentally. Anger, depression, disappointment.
- How to deal with the social issues.
- How to: financially & administration.
- How to deal with dependency and the lack of privacy
- How to deal with getting less care then you actually need.
- How to live in a city that is build for walking types.
- Many other problems...


iSuffer. We went to the moon in 1969. Why can't my body be repaired yet?!

Download the big print-youself SCI action poster (zipped)
Drawn with headmovements only!

Giesbert Nijhuis

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