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I like to write down my thoughts, gets them out of my head.
And why not share them.

Surely will most of my thoughts be of no use to you, so I recommend reading the good parts only. You may figure out where these good parts are ;-)

Giesbert Nijhuis.

(These pages are all right)

Alien Information
If "they" would land in the center of town, and stay for a week, we will probably learn almost nothing more than "there really are aliens". While they are a gold mine of information.

(these pages are very old... I really need to rewrite and clean them up)

Personal Reality
Everybody has their own and unique "person reality". Which is a very lossy representation of some parts of thé reality.

A big brain (compared to a bug) and a smart body.

Changing Shapes

What is life, and what do you want to do before you die?

Of the many things I don't understand, this might be the most important one.

Energy beings
Energy has a certain character, that dictates how everything goes, what is possible and what is not. We, people, are energy systems too, that's something we all have in common.

The hierarchy of shapes
About the order of creation, from the primary basic elements up to the most complex combinations of these elements. What are the "holy" proportions, what are the primary basic elements, what is the exact character of "God"?

Where God is
(I think) I know where God is, and how to change reality.

Energy (link to IFO theory)
Without motion everything would stand still, or not even exist when made entirely out of motion. But there is motion, and everything that contains it, moves like motion does.

Time (link to IFO theory)
There is no past and future, there's only now.
Time is a way to measure the rate of change. But it the speed of energy depends on the condition of space, time is a relative thing. Past & Future are illusions, very useful tools, part of the brains virtual reality.

Flexible Space
The Earth could be much bigger than thousands of years ago, without us realizing it.

Good and Bad
Stupid Yin-Yang!

Bad things
Let us try prevent bad things from happening and recover well from the ones that could not be prevented!

Good things
As the first goal (preventing bad things) will probably never be finished, we can at the same time work on realizing good things.

how much freedom is left over, and of what quality?

Drag on progress
Trying to make the world a better place, isn't going to be a smooth ride. There's always drag, resistance to change, even when it's for the better.

Birth of Technology
Right now, technology is evolving very rapidly. Where to?

Evolution of Dogmas
Survival of the fittest thoughts

Survival of the smallest
Survival of the smallest, because the smallest is often the fittest.

Human Games
The original human game-set is pretty cool, but if we want to move further away from living stone-age style, up one level, we need to upgrade the way we live.

Individual & Collective
One person can become about 100 years old now, but a collective can live on for millions or whatever years longer.

About how the right attention can improve the quality of life, here and now.

The opposite of watching crap on TV until the day we'll be swallowed by a disaster that could have been prevented.

A pleasant problem is that even while being paralyzed almost completely, there's still too much I can do.

A focus of energy
So, there you are in this huge universe, with a brain that can't even predict the logical behavior of one drop of water..

I think being treated as a hard-disk is not good, but learning how to learn is.

My design for a better future
What's your design for a better future? This is mine -so far.

Our Future
We have a choice.

Building nano-style
A baby doesn't grow like how a toy doll is put together.

The invisible present universe
Before we go travel into space with a yet unknown "warp drive", we need to develop a way so we can see where we are going!

We can become the Aliens
One of the possibilities is that we slowly evolve into our own designed species, that looks almost exactly like the aliens that we fantasize about today.

Nederlands 2.0
De Nederlandse taal minder raar maken

0123456789 is fine, but there are other options

1+1 = 2 or 3
Some combinations seem to be more than a collection of parts.

Everything is Possible
If you really want and believe