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Beyond the limits of one mind

To get big things done, we need smart power, more smart than we are, and more power than we have.

Energy power.
We ourselves have muzzle power, with which we can move stuff around.
Muzzle power is powered by food, which has grown thanks to the energy of the sun.
By using tools, one human can apply his/her muzzle power more efficient, but that does not increase the total amount of available power. By working together, two people together have the power of two people. The average amount of power has not increased. So, we went searching for more power elsewhere:
- Muzzle power of animals, against their will.
- Muzzle power of 'slaves', people forcing people to work against their will...
- Water wheels, using the motion of water that is flowing towards an area of higher gravity.
- Windmills, using the motion of air that is flowing towards an area of lower airpressure.
- Combustion engines. Machines that burn: wood, coal, oil, and such. A chemical reaction that produces heat. This heat can make a gas or a fluid expand, and this expansion can drive our stuff.
Note that flows of wind and water are powered by the heat of our sun, and the energy stored inside the stuff we burn, also originating from the sun.
- Nuclear power. Atoms are a structure of energy, loads of energy. Taking the energy out of an atom is ending that atom, and often creating new ones that contain less energy. This energy comes as heat, and most often converted into motion by a steam turbine. And this motion is most often turned into electricity by an alternator.
- Solar energy, converts sunlight's photons into electricity.
- And other sources. (water waves, tidal water flows, Earth's heat, and more)

And what are we going to do with all that power?
Smart power is what we need. Not wasted or destructive power.
Smart power can create incredible and beautiful things.

What is smart? How does our brain work? And can we enlarge it just like we did with the energy power?

How the brain works.
We can sense things: sound, light, smell, touch, temperature.
And we can remember.
We recognize by comparing what we sense to what we remember.
With our brains, in our mind, we have like a space where it all comes together, what we sense and what we remember. I call that space "personal virtual reality". This space is all we see, and it feels like real, but it is not. It is impossible to see reality directly. Reality is not to see, similar to how you can not see the bits in your computer. The: screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers, are the "interface", making it possible for you to work with your computer. The "personal virtual reality" in your brain's mind is an interface also, making it possible for you to function in the reality. Yes relax; there is a reality.

One issue with reality, is that is complex, mindblowing times infinity type of complex. There is much we can't sense. Licht for example. There is a very wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation frequencies. "Visible light" is just a tiny part of that spectrum. All the other frequencies we can not sense. If the visible frequencies are to weak, we can't see anything. If the visible frequencies are to strong, we go blind. Also: visible light isn't visible. You can't see light passing by. It's when enough photons hit the back of your eye, that a strong enough signal starts traveling through your nerves, to your brain, into your mind, where you can recognize it. As this takes a bit of time, you always see the past.
The list of things we can't sense goes something like this:
- what goes too fast, or to slow.
- what is to small, or to big.
- what is behind sometimes else, or invisible.
- what is to far away, or behind us, or there where we are not looking at.
- what we don't recognize, or when we don't pay attention.
The list goes on and on. We're almost blind. It's a miracle that we manage to survive!

What we experience as reality, is in reality a virtual reality, created by our brain's mind. Now don't say "it is all an illusion", because this "personal virtual reality" is a real virtual reality that you need for everything in your life. It's a great tool. We can't live without it. Just good to know that it is only a, as people often call it; "reflection of the reality".

Did you know that very young children do not yet know that others have a mind of their own? I didn't know that until recent. There is this test with a cooky...
Many grown ups think, or at least act as if their view on reality is true, and that others who don't agree are stupid.

So, in order to go to the next level, we all need to realize the following:
- There is a reality, but it is too complex for, and not compatible with our mind.
- We all have a "personal virtual reality" in our mind, a very important interface.
- Everybody has a unique PVR (personal virtual reality).

Brain power.
By working together well, we can concentrate our brain power. But as we know; our minds are limited and personal, thus quite small relative to the universe and not in sync with each other. As with our limited muzzle power, we started to search for extra collective brain power, by working together more efficient, and by outsourcing thinkwork to machines. So far we came up with these and more:
- Speaking the same language (though limited to within one land or province).
- Drawing images.
- Writing text.
- Using a Calculator.
- Printing books.
- Schools, Libraries, Companies.
- Trading knowledge.
- Recording Sound, Photographs, and Movies.
- Telephone.
- Computers, storing and processing information digital.
- Internet.
- Mobile communication networks.
Most of the above is about access to and sharing of information between people. Little is about outsourcing information processing. A computers can process orders, but it computer has no clue to what it is doing. Not yet.

Today, there is a lot of knowledge present, spread throughout all societies, where it is important to know that individuals know very little. Our far developed knowledge is a collective thing.

What is next? How can we increase our collective knowledge even more, and do unprecedented cool stuff with it?

Artificial intelligence.
Smart computers will change everything at least as much as the steam engine did at the start of the industrial revolution. Where the steam engine stood for extra energy, artificial intelligence stands for extra brain power. AI (artificial intelligence) is the key of the upcoming technological singularity, a period of an 'explosive' acceleration of knowledge and developments. Not many people are aware of this very likely possibility, but the ones who are, are very excited about it already.

Check out what Peter Diamandis is saying, founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, the co-founder and chairman of Singularity University and the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think.

Now, by the time we have the support of incredible powerful: knowledge, intelligence, and energy, will we be masters of the universe? Will everything be possible then? Sorry; no. And that by the way is such a wrong message often given to children. "everything is possible, if you really want it". No it is not.
Loads of possibilities can come within reach, but if something is not possible within the possibilities of this universe, than that is what it is.

Reality will than still be googlebalistic complex. Even the most powerful artificial intelligence mind won't be able to grasp much of it. It too will have to work with a virtual reality kind of interface, to be able to function in the reality.

Things that may become within reach.
For example:
- Great reduction of pollution.
- Less need to do stupid jobs.
- Less money, more appreciation. No need to worry about poverty.
- Fast decision making.
- Having a team of specialist at your service for whatever. (AI)
- Abundance of: quality food, clean drinking water, and energy.
- Good lives for the livestock and plants we eat.
- Healthier and wiser people.
- Protection of planet Earth (against asteroids and such), and space exploration.
No, we won't be happy all the time.
And as always can things be used in good and bad ways.
Please be kind.

Giesbert Nijhuis

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