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How we people live together on the Earth, and how we care for the precious eco system, is that optimal? Is this the best we can do?? I think not!! We can do a much better job, becoming healthier and far more advanced, making the Earth more beautiful than it is today.

Waiting for a better future though, that will not work. The better alternatives that we want, have to developed by us, grown from ideas to daily reality.

My approach is simple:
- make a list of all subjects that matter.
- look at them, one by one: what is the current situation.
- question: do we want to improve upon this current situation?
- if yes, then: think of goals and ways to reach them.
- select the best ideas.
- test in small but real experiments, what ideas work best in practice.
- give the best results a try in large scale experiments.
- discover the long term effects, adjust where necessary.
To summarize my approach: just optimize all of it.

It can be surprisingly easy to think of better alternatives. Many people have some really good ideas already in their heads. Way more difficult is to research & develop these ideas up to the real thing. Difficult, but not impossible.

If we don't choose to go with the better alternatives, chances increase that we kind of stay stuck at our current level, or worse; go down a large number of levels. If we stay at our current level, well; then don't expect the current problems to disappear, as these problems belong to the current level. Yes; the next level will be better! "better" is kind of the definition of the next level. No; the next level will not be paradise, as in this universe there is always 2 sides to everything. The next level will be better, not perfect.

As a child I learned of all the problems in the world, and thought of many solutions! But at the same time learned that humans themselves are the cause of most darkness..

Problem: War. Caused by: humans.
Problem: Poverty. Mainly caused by: humans.
Problem: Polution. Caused by: humans.
Problem: Overpopulation. Caused by the success of: humans.
Problem: Abusing nature. Is done by: humans.

Clearly, humans are the cause of many major problems. Are we a sick and doomed species? Is erasing all people of this planet the best solution, or is there there a cure to our behavior?

Most people don't want the "bad" stuff, but there apparently are strong reasons why people cause all that trouble. Good people suffer because of the bad people?... no no, that is not how the world works. The world is, people are; complex.

We're not all bad though, we can be amazing in good ways also! We have the ability to set things right. But we have to change who we are a bit and change how we are organized a lot. Getting to the next level is a challenge, a rewarding one.

So, how do we get to the next level? The most challenging part of progress is reducing the resistance against change, turning that negative force around into a strong positive force. But know that It is impossible to have everybody happy about a certain change. We therefore have to give enough care to those who will have a serious loss as a result of the necessary changes.

We should all think of better alternatives, share these ideas, compare them, and apply the most interesting ones in real life experiments. We can work together much better than we have ever done so far.

Will you share your ideas?
Here are mine!

Giesbert Nijhuis.

(note: I am slowly building this site, never done, always messy)


Come on everybody, we can do this! Let's go to the next and improved level.

The best design
In the future, looking back, we may be able to tell what ideas have turned out most successfully. Right now we don't know, and should aim to find out.

Designs for a Better Future
What designs have been made so far?
- The Venus Project, by Jacque Fresco.
- Zicht op de toekomst, by Robbert and Rudolf Das.
Do you have a positive vision to share?

One language
If the goal is to start working together better than ever before, we must for starters be able to communicate. We need to speak the same language.

The challenge is to improve almost everything.
Here a quick list of challenges.


Quit the Bullshit
I guess we -on average- waste about 80% of our time/energy/money/resources on BS.
What is your estimate?

New goals
What are we going to do, when everything has become so much better? No worries; we'll find stuff to do.

Statistic News
The news... I see the ordinary news as a dark form of entertainment. Totally out of balance. Bad representation. How can we improve the world without good data on how we are doing? Statistic News can give everybody a better view on reality.

The "didn't work" Library
We are focused on success, and don't keep track of all the things we tried and failed. This "didn't work" information is as useful as the knowledge of what does work. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again, because we don't remember and apply the hard learned lessons.

A special and dominant kind of animal, because of there large brains.

Human nature
We are difficult animals. If we get to the point that everything is all right, we get unhappy, because we want to be busy: learning, doing good, fighting for what is right, explore. Driven by lust and fear, not willing to sit still.

We do need to organize our living together. Many ways of doing that. But is there a way that works, well? Is the least worst of today the best structure? Machine intelligence makes many new things possible, here also. Individuals that want to be in power, should better not be, it seems.

Reality and the human minds
There is one real reality, and in this reality, each of us has a unique brain with which we experience our own what I call "human virtual reality". The root of many human conflicts may be caused by an incomplete understanding of the human mind. What is real and who is right?

Oh boy. What to do with religion. Idiotic wars because of it. People abuse religion for their own power. People are in it because of wrong reasons: fear, tradition, not daring to say "I don't know" on the big questions of life. It's not all bad, but..

I hate war. But... we should be able to defend, if necessary with force. But far too often, the military is abused for stupid power games. How can we prevent that? We should never have to use the military. Though it would be cool to change in into a friendly helping force.

Birth control
When we know how we want to live on this finite size earth, we'll get to a conclusion showing us what number of people would fit that picture. Then comes the difficult task birth control. Not by force! And who is fit enough to be a parent? And would you like to live on Mars?

I am pro money; I don't want carry chickens with me to trade on the market place. But the current financial system is sick. A different kind of credit, that you can also get for doing something good that is not commercial. And a basic income? We may have to, when the robots come.

How intelligent are people? It ranges from zero to some human maximum. But that maximum isn't the maximum of intelligence. It is kind of a taboo to rate people's intelligence. It is import though, to acknowledge how dumb we are, relative to the theoretical limits of intelligence.

Our humans, bodies and minds don't really change. It's our technology and our choices that change the world.

Machine intelligence
This is the big one! We started using the power of fire and steam to increase our access to physical power, and now, some 200 years later, we are starting to increase our access to intelligence. Machine intelligence is going to change almost everything! In good and bad ways...

The Earth, that special speck in the universe. Space travel. New propulsion systems. Gathering information without traveling much. Protect the Earth from astroids and such. Living on other planets and in space ships. Wow!

Non biological complex creations, that contain machine intelligence and can move around in our world. We can use them for good and bad. I want two please. Forget the negatives for second. Think for example about the biological fruit and vegetables garden the can maintain.

New materials
All big things we make, are build-up from smaller parts. One new small part, or new knowledge about an exciting small part, can make huge amounts of new larger parts possible. New molecules, new molecular structures, new electronic or mechanical parts.

Bio technology
We're getting better at working with DNA and stemcells, for example. At first we'll try to prevent and cure diseases, fix what is broken. (My neck please, please!). Then we will try to enhance our nature. And then we will live with the intended and unintended consequences.

New Energy Sources
Are there good alternative energy sources?
Yes there are!
We are surrounded by energy.
In a way, the whole earth is energy.

The flying car
There it is, finally. No: still not here! But when it finally arrives: safe, energy efficient, powerful lifter, self flying, then we could do away with most: roads, train tracks, water canels. Most parking spots in town turn into gardens, because the flying car parks itself elsewhere.

Mobile power sources
We want not just power, we want it with us on whatever location, to power our body, our machines and our machine intelligence.

Knowledge is power. How to gain and maintain knowledge. And how about sharing knowledge?

Decision making
Make better decisions, more quickly.
We aren't capable of doing that, apparently, but by applying machine intelligence, we can remove this bottle neck, and speed up progress like never before.

I love Research & Development. New and improved!
What is problematic though:
- Patents make inventing almost impossible.
- There are too little funds for non comercial R&D.
- Double checking outcomes, is not rewarding.

how to improve the educating of the next generation.
Did school prepare you well for life?
What is the purpose of going to school?
How old are you? Maybe time to go to school again, time for an update!

Beyond the limits of one mind
How does one mind work, and what are the limits of a collection of minds? How can will artificial intelligence enlarge our collective knowledge? What all may become within our reach then? Hello technological singularity!





Atoms and energy as input, rearranged structures as output. Destroy and create shapes.

Be good to the: land, animals, and plans.
Feeding soo many people.
Grow some food yourselves.
High tech alternatives.

Our life's are about dealing with large complex combinations of atoms, such as people and stuff. We usually don't change the atoms. Like for example: food. The atoms we eat do not disappear. All of our waste can be re-used. We use structures, not atoms.

Manufacturing goods
We want good stuff and lots to choose from. And pay as little as possible for it. We want the freedom to manufactur and sell whatever we like. Sounds good no? Not regulating this a bit, results in the addition of: crappy producs, slafe labor, large scale pollution.

Getting our bodies and goods to other places. We should reduced that, if possible. But the need will be there, so we should look at the many aspects of that. Safety, environmental impact, speed, and fun!

Can we please make more beautiful buildings? Not just square and cheap. We live and work in them, it's our presentation also, like clothes. And there is no one best design. People have different tastes and needs.

Open quality products
I would like to see way more products that:
- are build to last for a very long time.
- are easy to open, to clean and maintain.
- are easy to open, to repair and upgrade.
The current situation motivates the majority of the companies to produce products that don't last long.

Looking to the land from above, tells a lot about the people who live there. How organized is it, who owns what, separation of classes and activities, respect for nature, pollution, infrastructure. How do we want to assort the surface of the earth?