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When your body has been hit hard and your soul is suffering, how much can you achieve while fighting against all odds? Hi, my name is Giesbert Nijhuis and welcome to my head-designed website, which is a hub to a wide variety of themes that I am or have been busy with -while being almost completely paralyzed. Next to a website, I also have a channel on YouTube.
NOTE: I am updating my site up from last to this century, a slow process. HTML5 CSS3 responsive.

Better alternatives

Let's improve everything!

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Oh boy; People on Earth.. If we continue without change, we will probably destroy ourselves and most of life on Earth, maybe all life in this universe. Yes that is how serious our behavior is. But luckily: we can also create beauty. Waiting for a better future is stupid, we should create the future we want! We should be busy experimenting with better alternatives, and make designs for a better future. What is a good road towards a better future? Who has been seriously thinking about this all ready? Here are my thoughts.

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Super wheelchair

Better body support & access to the world

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My electric wheelchair is like a part of my body. The better my wheelchair is, the healthier I can be and the more I can achieve in life. But since the accident, my life has been severely limited by poorly designed wheelchairs. Designed by people who apparently don't need to live in such a wheelchair themselves. In these 24 years I gathered quite some knowledge on what is needed to create a much better super functional wheelchair. That is why I am now starting up a business to design and create a Super Wheelchair, for myself and for others in need, world wide!

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Spinal Cord Injury

Repair it, or have many many challenges.

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Can a spinal cord injury be repaired? In theory probably: YES! Yes because it is within the possibilities of this universe to have a fully function spinal cord. Billions of people have one. But these are grow in the usual way. Repairing is a different process: remove old scar tissue, get new cells to grow and re-connect. Sounds simple but it is beyond our current capabilities. Not enough research has been done. There are examples of research with interesting results, but not with all the money in the world can you get a 100% repair right now. Thus those with a SCI have to fight to survive every day, with a lot of support from others and special tools, deal with thousands of problems, or as how we call them today: challenges.

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Super care

Better care & care tools = better life

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It is still impossible to repair a spinal cord injury (and many other injuries for that matter). But it is possible to improve the quality of the care system as well as the care tools. That is the best we can do while waiting for repair. Let us be painfully honest about what kind of care and care tools we really need and how that compares to what we actually get. Not receiving the right care can make one more handicapped than one actually is. Getting the right support is what we want, and often this win-win is true: the better the care and care tools are, the healthier people are, the less care is needed.

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Vortex Flight

A new way of flying

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The propulsion and lift system together dictate most of how aircraft looks like and what they can do. Most aircraft are shaped like a tube with wings, have a tail and 2 jets. The jets push the wing's airfoil through the air to create efficient lift. The whole craft is dragging through the air, where the goal is to produce as little as needed resistance from the atmosphere. Some exceptions are: delta wing (vortex flows), the coanda effect (blowing air over an airfoil) and the rocket engine (action-reaction with onboard mass).
I see new ways to get lift and propulsion, by using the vortex in ways that have not been applied yet!

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The IFO Library

Disc shaped air/space craft with VTOL

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IFOs stands for Identified Flying Objects, as opposed to UFO. IFOs are mainly disc shaped aerospace VTOL crafts. No UFOs, no aliens. It's mainly about propulsion, as new propulsion technologies are key to more successful air and spaceflight. Why VTOL? VTOL stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing and of course do we want this! The only reason to not do VTOL is if you can't do VTOL. Why disc shaped? This shape is strong, has a very large surface and a very small frontal area. If your craft needs a particle accelerator or a fusion reactor, these donuts fit well in a disc. The 2 large surfaces outside are good for solar cells, radio signals, and lift when in an atmosphere.

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From my first and second life

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A selection of drawings that I made in my first and in my second life. Soon after 1969 (born!) I started drawing a lot, just for the fun of it. There was a time that I wanted to become a professional cartoonist / illustrator / animator. But in 1988 I figured spending so much time behind a desk was kind of unhealthy and photography could bring me more out into the real world (something that I needed!). Since 1996 (after the accident) I draw with head movements, using KeyStrokes and a HeadMouse.

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From my first and second life

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After highschool I got the opportunity to study photography for 4 years. I love photography, but making a living of it is a whole different story. Anyhow; soon after finishing the study came the accident. Taking pictures was next to impossible. But then the digital revolution came, that gave me very basic access to some cameras. Nice, but photography is about more than having a camera and pushing the button.. Here selections of photos I took before the accident and photos I took while being almost completely paralyzed.

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Negatievenboek van Henk

Uit de periode 1920-1950

Negatievenboek van opa Henk

Nadat mijn opa Henk overleed, kwam ik in het bezit van een boek vol met zijn oude negatieven. Ongeveer 700 6x6 en 6x10 negatieven, de meeste zwart-wit natuurlijk. Hij was geen profesionele fotograaf maar wel een goede amateur. Het geeft een mooi beeld van de tijd waarin hij leefde. Dat hij ook landschappen schilderde zie je terug in zijn foto's. Niet enkel een focus op de mens, meer op de omgeving, met of zonder mensen.

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Compression of Information

What is the essence of the data?

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The compression of digital and biological data. What is noise and what is information? What is unique information and what is mostly a repetition?. If information is power then compressed information is concentrated portable power! Is it possible to compress already compressed files?? As most combination of all are useless combinations to us. Most as in 99.99999999999999..% Can we make a virtual library that contains all possible useful to us data, small enough to give incredible expansion when accessed?

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Giesbert Nijhuis

About Giesbert and LaesieWorks

So yes; I have a very high spinal cord injury, and it is terrible. A traffic accident in 1995, leaving me almost completely paralyzed; I can only move my head. As such, I made this website myself with headmovements only! Thanks to the support of many friends, family, and care, I survived the critical first period after the accident, and a year after the accident they organized a huge benefit concert for me! This gave me access to a good quality head controlled computer. While still in the rehabilicenter, I started my LaesieWorks website, in 1997. In the Dutch language, somebody with a SCI is called to have a dwarsleasie, hence the name LaesieWorks (bit far fetched but unique as well)

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LaesieWorks news

January 2020
Busy with a total remake of my website, and adding a new part: Super-Wheelchair.
I am starting a company to design and build a super functional wheelchair, for myself and others, worldwide. Mission impossible! So at the same time, I need to proof that given the right care and tools, a person who can physically do next to nothing, can still be an active part of society.

Do I search new people for my care?
Probably not right now, but maybe suddenly tomorrow! So please do get in contact if you are interested.